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BREAKING NEWS! Provider of Hygiene Products For Disney Resorts Retiring at the End of the Year!


H2O+ has announced it is retiring at the end of the year. This is the company that has been making of the hygiene products for all of the Disney resorts on property as well as The Disney Cruise Line.

The company released the following official statement on their website this morning:


After 30+ amazing years of innovation, we have made the very difficult decision to retire the brand at the end of the year. Shop your favorites on Amazon while supplies last.”


H20+ sells more than just Disney products. The company stated on their website, “H2O+ products will be available exclusively on Amazon, and we will no longer be accepting orders on”

© H2O+

You can head over to to shop the remaining Disney H20+ products. These products have been marked down while supplies last.


Disney has not made any announcements on what products will be replacing the beloved H2O+ products. Keep checking back here for up-to-date information about all Disney Enchantments!

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